Kamalayan Kollective


Kamalayan Kollective is a political, people-centered, feminist organization that seeks to raise critical consciousness. We are a group of UCSD students and community members that aim to provide a progressive space for Pinays and allies. We understand the personal as inherently political, and the political as deeply personal. Thus, we seek to empower and create change through acts of resistance and acts of love.

As Kamalayan Kollective, we strive to:

  • Take action & create change for genuine peace, justice and liberation
  • Raise awareness about issues that affect the Pinay/Pinoy, Pilipina/o, Pilipina/o American communities and other marginalized and underserved communities
  • Cultivate radical personal and societal transformation
  • Learn about, support and engage in: liberation movements, art & activism, coalition-building, and grassroots organizing
  • Facilitate dialogues and educational discussions on gender and sexuality, exploitation of women and bodies, identity, imperialism, militarism, transnationalism, feminism, immigration, workers’ rights, violence and global structures, education, youth, and much more
  • Serve the people! Empower communities!

Contact: ucsdkamalayan@gmail.com


Written by thekamalayankollective

November 10, 2008 at 12:52 am

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