Kamalayan Kollective

Open Mic Nites

It has been a tradition for the Kamalayan Kollective to host open mic nights at least once a quarter.  In the 90s these Open Mic Nights were events called “Kain Na” where the community would come together to enjoy food and a night of art and expression.  We continue to do Open Mic Nites to create an intimate, empowering, safe and fun space for the community.  It is a night of poetry, music, visual art, and more.  We also take the time during Open Mic Nites to raise awareness and funds for efforts in the Philippines.  Funds raised have been used to help women find resources, support and new livelihoods after being prostituted or trafficked, donate books to the Philippines, and help with natural disaster relief efforts.


Written by thekamalayankollective

November 10, 2008 at 1:06 am

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