Kamalayan Kollective

Pinay Speaks

Spring 2011: Mondays, 1:00pm at the UCSD Cross-Cultural Center, Comunidad Small Room

Pinay Speaks is a space for dialogue, empowerment and self-reflection for those who are woman- and female-identified.  This was created by Pinays because of a need for a safe space on campus and in our lives in general.  We discuss personal/political and local/global issues such as sexual violence, healing, family, sexuality, sisterhood, gender roles, and more.  We are empowered by employing our agency, building connections among women of color, and sustaining a radical space for womyn.

The first dialogue was facilitated by creators and Kamalayan Kollective members Bien, Fatima and Heidi in November 2005. Each week we discuss a different personal/political and local/global issue. All of these topics are rooted in our experiences and shape our identities as sisters, daughters, Pinays, queer women, women of color, students, artists, and more.

– Human trafficking (sex and labor) and our communities
– Family and family relationships
– Intersecting/multiple identities
– Healing and moving forward
– Violence
– Reproductive justice and Barack Obama
– Militarism in San Diego
– “Bebot” song and music video
– Beauty
– Sisterhood
– Dealing with change
– Everyday struggles and triumphs

– Journaling/freewriting
– Art projects
– Close reading and critical analysis of articles, current events, artistic pieces
– “Give one, take one”
– “Have you ever wondered?”
– Hanging out!

Remember, you do not have to identify as Pinay, F/Pilipina, F/Pilipina American to join. And of course, invite your friends, org members, co-workers, peers, mentors, and community members!


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November 10, 2008 at 1:01 am

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